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Team of Singularity Creations OU has been creating disruptive technologies for over 10 years in sectors such as advertising, media production, financial technologies, mobile applications and e-commerce. We have worked on projects with many of the world's top brands, delivering custom and proprietary solutions. We believe no problem is too big to solve and we aim to innovate relentlessly to help transform big dreams into future realities.

Who we've worked with

Erik Simons

Erik Simons has been a serial internet entrepeneur for 14 years. After graduating University, mr Simons began his internet career by pioneering online affiliate marketing networks for the gaming industry, providing performance based advertising solutions which are still in use today. Mr Simons has founded multiple internet companies around the globe. After establishing software development companies in Eastern Europe and the Baltics, at the request of European Union government agencies, mr Simons served as an advisor on IT issues related to the accession of former Easern block countries to the EU. Mr Simons established training programs for IT staff at nuclear powerplants in Latvia and also helped shape several IT courses at at the University of Riga.

Through his develpment office in Seoul, mr Simons created software which allowed South Koreans to navigate the web in their own native language, elimination the need for them to translate web addresses in their browsers.

In the late nineties, mr Simons created software platforms aimed at leveraging the rapid growth and importance of internet search. Using his performance based solutions mr Simons generated several hundred million dollars in revenues for advertisers such as Best buy, Amazon.com, Ebay, Travelocity, Walmart, Disney, Barnes and Noble, NBC, AT&T, Circuit city, directTV and many more.

with a keen interest in M-commerce, Mr Simons continued to develop interactive mobile systems including reverse auctions and financial technology solutions.

Mr Simons is the founder of Carmercial, which has become the automotive industry's leading provider of innovative video advertising solutions, serving all of the major automobile manufacturers.

Most recently, Mr Simons invented platforms for the optimization and distribution of web video for one of the companies he co-founded with John Ferber, USOnetworks which was the foundation for Bidtellect, a leading platform in native advertising and also helped Mr Ferber in the creation of microgiving.com, an internet based charity which aims to directly connect donors with those in need.

Jeff Coursey

Jeff Coursey is a co-founding partner of both Aviation Software and PJP (Private Jet Pilots). He is an FAA licensed, certificated professional private jet pilot and has been a pilot in command of the Gulfstream 550 aircraft for over 10 years.

He has 20 years of international flight and travel experience and is an accomplished and recognized networker and serial entrepreneur. During his flying career Jeff has built, established and maintained uncommonly valuable relationships with his affluent passengers, based on trust, safety and performance.

He has been successful in leveraging those relationships to benefit the aviation industry in both philanthropic and profitable ways.

In addition to starting PJP, which consists of over 7000 active pilots, flight attendants and aviation business professionals in the private aviation sector Jeff also founded Luxairis, a pilot, flight attendant and aviation industry job, Jet charter and aircraft sales site.

Jeff’s unusual ability to focus his highly developed sense of mechanical thinking, safety consciousness and world travel wisdom brings great value to any project he is involved in.

Torque Auto Club, his latest venture, is set to disrupt the auto rental industry by combining advanced technologies with Erik Simons’ development of the peer-to-peer Software as Service (SAS) platform. This technology will match vehicle renters with owners of vehicles that normally sit idle.

Jeff and Erik, his business partner, have designed and brought to market iOS and Android aviation related and non-regulated applications. Together they created Crewcial, a pilot/crew member locating, tracking and booking software platform designed to verify and match complex and detailed user requirements to benefit Crewcial’s users.

Recently Erik and Jeff developed a messenger app called PJPFBO (Private Jet Pilot & Fixed Base Operators) The PJPFBO app is an unprecedented business aviation service tool that connects pilots and aircraft to private terminals, and facilitates efficient, time saving communication between aircraft in flight with the destination, ground based FBO. This app dramatically expedites ground service handling and required services and acts as a vital communications portal to the private business aviation sector.

When Jeff is not flying professionally he enjoys spending time with his family, flying helicopters, auto racing, reading, brainstorming, and creating and designing new products and services that benefit the aviation industry.

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